Motorcycle Storage

Storing your beloved motorcycle is a serious matter if you are a bike owner. If you do not have a garage to store your bike in then you must find another storage option that allows you to keep your bike protected from theft, weather elements, and other damage factors. Not only do you have to find a secure storage facility or purchase a motorcycle shed that is able to be locked you also have to factor in the cost associated with any of these options. 

Vehicle Insurance Companies prefer personal garage storage when it comes to insuring your motorcycle.

Why? Because storing your bike in your personal garage is not only the most convenient and cost-friendly storage option it is also the safest and most secure if your garage door is in good repair and any other entrance has a quality lock installed. 

Prepping You Garage & Motorcycle For Garage Storage

Before you are able to store your bike in your garage it is advised that you take the steps needed to prepare not only your garage for bike storage but also your motorcycle to be stored.  Phoenix garage door experts suggest focusing on these areas when it comes to your garage.

Flooring- It is important to make sure that the flooring in your garage is maintained to the best of your ability. By adding an epoxy layer to your garage flooring you are helping to protect the floor from any oil or other fluids that come with any vehicle whether a motorcycle, car or truck. You are also helping to make sure that the floor is clean and in good repair so that the tires of your bike are also taken care of.

The Walls- While your garage space is a great storage space for your actual motorcycle it is also a great place to store your riding gear and accessories. Not only is all of your riding gear in one place it also adds to creating a riders domain. By installing a slat wall, cabinets or shelving you are able to store all of your bike gear including jackets, helmets, boots, chaps, etc.

Insulation- Having quality insulation installed in your garage is also a great idea. It not only helps to keep your garage storage space warmer during the cold months for you to enjoy, but it also helps to keep your bike warmer which is great for the engine components.

Garage Door- Having a new garage door installed or having simple repairs or maintenance on your existing one will help to ensure that your bike is as safe and secure as can be. Having a quality, properly working garage door will not only increase your garage storage security it will also help to ensure that your bike is protected from any of the outside weather elements.

Before storing your motorcycle for a long period of time, say during the colder winter months make sure that you have done the following first.

  • Remove the battery or connect it to a trickle charger
  • Add Fuel stabilizer to help keep fuel from deteriorating in your tank
  • Invest in a quality, durable dust cover
  • Clean & Properly Dried

While storing your motorcycle in your own garage is the ideal place to store your bike, not everyone has access to a garage on their property or has an existing one. That being said, finding the most cost-friendly and secure storage space is important as well as making sure that your bike is in proper form to be stored.


Harley Davidson Electric Bike- The LiveWire

Livewire-electric-bikeHarley Davidson is well known for its heavyweight bikes and loud V-twin engines. In fact, when most people think of a motorcycle they often tend to envision a Harley.  However, in 2014 Harley Davidson brought to life the idea for an electric or battery operated bike. After a little time spent on the project the idea for a Harley inspired & designed electric bike seemed to vanish and many people wondered why! Then again in 2018, the idea for the electric/battery-powered Harley that was much anticipated seemed to come back to life.

The LiveWire Makes It Debut

Finally, in August the LiveWire made its debut with the aspirations that it would help to re-define Harley Davidson’s identity as a brand. With features such as Bluetooth, Navigation and Music Settings offered on a touch screen, as well as apps allowing for remote access to the location of the bike, security and battery charge status the LiveWire surpasses the traditional Harley Davidson motorcycle in technology.

 What else makes this electric Harley so special? It is designed with anharley-davidson-electric-bike aluminum frame, lithium-ion battery and an on-bike charger to make charging more convenient and user-friendly. The bike comes out retailing at $29,799 which seems like a very fair price for a bike of this caliber and made by Harley.

The LiveWire’s much-anticipated debut was very short-lived when the production and deliveries scheduled came to an unexpected halt. All Harley would say is that a problem was found in relation to the bike charging equipment. While they claimed that the bike was still safe to ride they also acknowledged that the bike should only be charged at a dealership. What does that mean in terms of safety for the rider? With the bike relying on a charged battery to operate having to charge it at a dealership would be inconvenient and pretty much impossible on a regular basis. 

Harley expects to address the issues at hand and fix any of the charging issues so that a new release date can be set in 2020. While Harley Davidson has a reputation as being one of the classic and biggest motorcycle brands to date they do realize they must also keep up with the generations and the technological advances at hand. By creating a well-designed and even better-received electric bike Harley is reaching out to the younger consumers to create a lasting relationship with as they have done in the past with their traditional Twin V engine loving riders from past generations.

Motorcycle Gear to Wear

Motorcycles are fun, but they are also dangerous. Not only does a rider need to protect themselves from the possibility of a potential accident, but they also need to take into account their exposure to weather elements as well. Thankfully just like any dangerous activity, preparations can be taken to massively lower the risk and make riding a more enjoyable and safe experience. 

Must-Have Motorcycle Gear

Helmet- The most valuable thing you need to protect is your head. And therefore wearing a helmet is necessary. While not wearing a helmet is not illegal in some states, that doesn’t mean the rider should take this to mean that they don’t need a helmet. Rather, they should always be riding with a helmet because you can recover from a broken bone but it is almost impossible to recover from serious head trauma that can occur in crashes as low as 25 mph. 

Gloves- Have you ever tripped or been pushed to the ground? What do you use to break your fall? That’s right, your hands. And the same will happen if you have a motorcycle crash. Therefore gloves are necessary to prevent any rashes or burns from happening on your hands.

Jacket- When you fall you are very likely to land on your elbow, shoulder, or back before rolling around until you stop. So the jacket is made with pads at these spots to help absorb the impact with the ground that your body will experience when falling off of your bike after a collision. Along with these pads, the jacket is made out of a super resistant material like leather or synthetic materials to prevent the jacket from tearing into shreds when it comes into contact with the pavement. These jackets can usually be worn in the summer as they have air holes in them to allow the cool breeze to cool them. A motorcycle jacket can also help to protect you against harmful UV rays and windburn.

Pants- Just like the jacket, the pants have a pair of kneepads inside a tear-resistant material that is also breathable for the summertime. Many think that it’s ok to just wear jeans. However, jeans are not really meant to take long slides on asphalt like motorcycle pants. The jeans will easily rip and leave you with road rash. 

Boots- The final piece to complete your motorcycle gear is the boots. Motorcycle boots are a little different from hiking boots as it gives you a steel toe and shank to help with shifting the motorcycle as well as protecting your feet against impact with the road in the event of a crash. 

Before you hop on your motorcycle and go riding around you need to make sure you give yourself the maximum protection. And while many riders don’t ride with all the safety equipment they should at the bare minimum ride with a helmet as that is the one device that can save your life.

Importance Of Motorcycle Maintenance

motorcycle-maintenanceOne of the biggest responsibilities of owning a motorcycle is making sure you stay on top of the maintenance that is required. While you may think it’s fine to skip an oil change or new air filter, the truth is the better you take care of your bike the longer it will last. And probably the most important factor, the safer your bike will be. Certified mechanic, John, with provides us with the list of the top maintenance procedures and why they are so important.

5 Most Important Motorcycle Maintenance

Oil Changes-

Just like a vehicle, your motorcycle requires an oil change, however, while most vehicles require an oil change every 3,000 miles, a bike requires one AT LEAST once per year. It is suggested to take a look at your owner’s manual to see when oil changes are suggested. If you ride your bike often you will need to schedule an oil change more frequently than once per year. The same goes for if you ride in dusty, dirty areas. The dust/dirt can make its way into your oil which can make the oil dirty and is bad for your engine. You also need to make sure you are checking your oil levels before each ride and maintaining maximum levels.

Tires, Tires, Tires- 

John sees low tire pressure way too often he says. Guys will bring their bike in for an oil change and a lot of the times their tire pressure is low. Not only does low tire pressure on your motorcycle make for dangerous driving conditions it can also cause a blowout. It is best to inspect your tires before each ride and check your tire pressure. Should you see any wear and tear on your tires make sure to replace them sooner rather than later. If the tire pressure is low, make sure to add air to the right capacity.

Drive Chain-

Your drive chain is crucial for the overall safety and life span of your bike. It is important that you lube your chain after every ride or at least every other. If you do so after each ride the heat from the bike will help to ensure the chain absorbs the lube efficiently. It is also important to make sure that the tension of the chain is adjusted right and not too loose or too tight.

Air Filter-

Changing or cleaning your air filter can help with the overall power of your bike. Simply put, a clean air filter makes for a faster more powerful bike. Speak with your trusted mechanic or if you do it yourself, set up a maintenance schedule to follow that will ensure you are performing the right maintenance services at the right time for your bike.


Like any motorized vehicle your brakes need to be in top working order. It is important that you check your brake fluid regularly to make sure it stays clean and at adequate levels. Most brake fluid needs to be changed about every 1 to 1 ½ year. Check out your owners manual to see when it is suggested to change your bike’s fluids. You will also need to keep an eye on the brake pads and make sure that they are replaced in the proper order.

Motorcycle maintenance is key in promoting safe driving conditions as well as extending the overall lifespan of your bike. John, suggests that you find a trusted, certified mechanic and set up a maintenance schedule that is tailored around where you ride and how often. By keeping up on the maintenance of your bike you are helping to ensure your overall safety as well as a better ride!


Intresting Harley Davidson Facts

Harley Davidson has been at the center of American motorcycle culture since its foundation in 1903. They have a century of history and have become a modern-day icon. Check out these interesting facts that you may not know about their iconic motorcycles continuing to inspire young Americans today.

The First Harley

harley-davidson-factsThe first Harley was made by William Harley and Arthur Davidson in a little factory in Milwaukee, WI. It was made for racing and was a little more than a single-cylinder engine and a gas can strapped onto a bicycle. Clearly, they had a long way to go!

The Engine: You know when you hear a Harley over another motorcycle. The deep roar that demands attention from anyone who can hear it. Most Harley’s are equipped with this  V-twin engine that delivers a sound like no other motorcycle, keeping riders loyal and in the saddle.

World War Contracts: Many would think that motorcycles are too much of a toy for “real” military use. However, the US military was all for purchasing Harley motorcycles for their lower fuel consumption and higher maneuverability.  It’s estimated that 75,000 Harley’s were used in both World Wars.

 Rivalries: Harley was always on top of the American motorcycle market almost since its introduction. Even being able to outsell its main rival Indian Motorcycles, forcing them to shut down in 1977 and only starting to make a come back in the early 2010s. However, Harley began to suffer in the 1980s with increasing market share being lost to the big 4 Japanese bike brands, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha. With their faster, more sportier bikes, Harley’s started to be seen as old-fashioned.

The Future: Going Green: Coming in 2019, the first all-electric bike for Harleyharley-facts Davidson is set to be released. This is a shock coming from a company most known for its loud exhausts. However, with increasing emissions controls all bike and car manufacturers are being forced to innovate. With Harley having an older customer base who are generally not favorable to this unproven new tech, we shall see if this will be a success drawing in new rebellious riders as it did in the 1960s and 1970s. 

Scenic Mortorcycle Routes Throughout the U.S.

scenic-motorcycle-routeThere is something to be said about the abundance of potential great motorcycle rides throughout the United States. Open roads filled with fresh air, beautiful scenery and that coveted peace that only a great motorcycle ride can offer. These roads and routes can be found throughout the states, so no matter where you live you should be able to find a road near you that ceases to amaze. Although this article won’t be able to cover all of the amazing roads, here are just some of the roads you should visit if you are an avid motorcycle touring rider.

Great Motorcycle Rides

  • San Juan Mountain Skyway- This 225 mile loop almost encompasses the San Juan National Forest in southwest Colorado. This loop includes a 12 mile section that is know as the million dollar highway for its amazing views of the Rocky Mountains. There are many western themed towns along the way providing you with food and your bike with gas and any other amenities. The only problems are the elevations and the weather. High elevations make it harder on bikes and people not adjusted to higher elevations. So make sure your bike is tuned correctly especially if it is carbonated and make sure to get plenty of rest. Also snow stays up their longer so don’t be surprised if you can’t go from October through April depending on the weather.
  • The Tail of the Dragon- While only 11 miles long this road is known to both bikersbest-motorcycle-rides and car enthusiasts as one of the most difficult roads in America. On the border of Tennessee and North Carolina this road weaves through the Appalachian Mountains with 318 turns, many of them being hairpins and blind corners. For those of you wanting to cruise, this is not the road for you. Although you may be focused soley on the road, these 11 miles offer great views of the lush forest as well. This road is a big tourist destination so while the road quality is good and amenities are good, the road may be crowded with other riding or driving enthusiasts.
  • Natchez Trace Parkway- For those who like long straight roads, this is the road for you as it offers a 430 mile highway from Leipers Fork, TN to Natchez, MS. The road has a constant view of southern forests and rolling hills. Low speed limits and low traffic will allow you to take your time and cruise worry free.
  • Beartooth Highway- This road in southern Montana offers the perfect road for those who like going up and down with plenty of hairpin turns mixed in. This road certainly requires some caution as it is not the most safe road and doesn’t contain any gas station or restaurants.. Obviously the view is great being so close to Yellowstone National Park with this road including views of the dense forests and snow capped mountains of the Rocky Mountains. This road is the perfect mix of great views and adrenaline pumping turns. Being in Montana altitude is high and winter is harsh, so adjust accordingly.
  • Pacific Coast Highway- Last but not least is the iconic Highway along the coast of California. This takes you along the Pacific Ocean from Monterey, CA to Morro Bay, CA. The views of the oceans are breathless and if you like ocean views this is the road to take. Being such a great view the road can get some traffic although there are many places to stop to get a rest and let the traffic clear.

motorcycle-routes-u.s.Before taking any motorcycle ride it is alsways reccomended that you inspect your bike and make sure it is performing in top condition.  Map out the course you will be riding so that you will know where to refuel and get any help along the way should you need any.  For new and old motorcyclists it is advised that you feel 100% confident drving the route you will be taking with all of the weather and road conditions in mind.  This will also help to insure that you have a safe, relaxing incredible ride!

Harley Davidson Beginnings


Harley Davidson motorcycles are known as America’s iconic motorcycle manufacturer and have been around for numerous decades. What many of us fans of Harley Davidson do not know is just how the brand started in its humble beginnings! Harley Davidson’s story is not only interesting it makes you appreciate the brand and it’s founders that much more!
Harley Davidson came about it’s beginnings out of a small shed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1903. Three brothers, Harley, Arthur and Walter Davidson started their business as one of the many small motorcycle brands popping up in that era.  They first debuted with the traditional cruiser cycles that had air cooled V twin engines that Harley Davidson is still known for to this day. By 1907 the brand began growing so much that they needed to move to a bigger space and also start hiring employees to help run their business. They saw an abundance of growth especially when the military started to purchase their bikes to use during World War I.  From their the military also continued sourcing the bikes well into World War II. This perhaps is one of the many factors that made Harley Davidson cycles a well known part of our American culture!

In 1957 the Davidson brothers emerged with the design of the Sportster. Shortly after in the 1960’s they changed ownership and merged with AMF or the American Machine and Foundry in 1969.  Once merged the AMF started to see money troubles and ended up selling its ownership back to the Davidson brothers. Still today the Davidson Brothers have kept the company in the families graces and the Davidson family plays a huge part in the brand even with the crazy amount of growth it has seen over the years.  


With the changing on times and the younger market to consider Harley Davidson has started to create edgier bikes like the Cross Bones and the Iron 883 models. The brand is also focusing on introducing better performance oriented models and improving the riding quality of their touring bikes while never losing sight of their original classics and founding brand models.

It is safe to say that with Harley Davidson’s humble beginnings and rise to iconic status over the decades these amazing motorcycles are here to stay and will only continue to evelop and get better as time goes on.  If you are a fan of Harley’s you definitely know why after reading their story!


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