Harley Davidson Electric Bike- The LiveWire

Livewire-electric-bikeHarley Davidson is well known for its heavyweight bikes and loud V-twin engines. In fact, when most people think of a motorcycle they often tend to envision a Harley.  However, in 2014 Harley Davidson brought to life the idea for an electric or battery operated bike. After a little time spent on the project the idea for a Harley inspired & designed electric bike seemed to vanish and many people wondered why! Then again in 2018, the idea for the electric/battery-powered Harley that was much anticipated seemed to come back to life.

The LiveWire Makes It Debut

Finally, in August the LiveWire made its debut with the aspirations that it would help to re-define Harley Davidson’s identity as a brand. With features such as Bluetooth, Navigation and Music Settings offered on a touch screen, as well as apps allowing for remote access to the location of the bike, security and battery charge status the LiveWire surpasses the traditional Harley Davidson motorcycle in technology.

 What else makes this electric Harley so special? It is designed with anharley-davidson-electric-bike aluminum frame, lithium-ion battery and an on-bike charger to make charging more convenient and user-friendly. The bike comes out retailing at $29,799 which seems like a very fair price for a bike of this caliber and made by Harley.

The LiveWire’s much-anticipated debut was very short-lived when the production and deliveries scheduled came to an unexpected halt. All Harley would say is that a problem was found in relation to the bike charging equipment. While they claimed that the bike was still safe to ride they also acknowledged that the bike should only be charged at a dealership. What does that mean in terms of safety for the rider? With the bike relying on a charged battery to operate having to charge it at a dealership would be inconvenient and pretty much impossible on a regular basis. 

Harley expects to address the issues at hand and fix any of the charging issues so that a new release date can be set in 2020. While Harley Davidson has a reputation as being one of the classic and biggest motorcycle brands to date they do realize they must also keep up with the generations and the technological advances at hand. By creating a well-designed and even better-received electric bike Harley is reaching out to the younger consumers to create a lasting relationship with as they have done in the past with their traditional Twin V engine loving riders from past generations.