Motorcycle Gear to Wear

Motorcycles are fun, but they are also dangerous. Not only does a rider need to protect themselves from the possibility of a potential accident, but they also need to take into account their exposure to weather elements as well. Thankfully just like any dangerous activity, preparations can be taken to massively lower the risk and make riding a more enjoyable and safe experience. 

Must-Have Motorcycle Gear

Helmet- The most valuable thing you need to protect is your head. And therefore wearing a helmet is necessary. While not wearing a helmet is not illegal in some states, that doesn’t mean the rider should take this to mean that they don’t need a helmet. Rather, they should always be riding with a helmet because you can recover from a broken bone but it is almost impossible to recover from serious head trauma that can occur in crashes as low as 25 mph. 

Gloves- Have you ever tripped or been pushed to the ground? What do you use to break your fall? That’s right, your hands. And the same will happen if you have a motorcycle crash. Therefore gloves are necessary to prevent any rashes or burns from happening on your hands.

Jacket- When you fall you are very likely to land on your elbow, shoulder, or back before rolling around until you stop. So the jacket is made with pads at these spots to help absorb the impact with the ground that your body will experience when falling off of your bike after a collision. Along with these pads, the jacket is made out of a super resistant material like leather or synthetic materials to prevent the jacket from tearing into shreds when it comes into contact with the pavement. These jackets can usually be worn in the summer as they have air holes in them to allow the cool breeze to cool them. A motorcycle jacket can also help to protect you against harmful UV rays and windburn.

Pants- Just like the jacket, the pants have a pair of kneepads inside a tear-resistant material that is also breathable for the summertime. Many think that it’s ok to just wear jeans. However, jeans are not really meant to take long slides on asphalt like motorcycle pants. The jeans will easily rip and leave you with road rash. 

Boots- The final piece to complete your motorcycle gear is the boots. Motorcycle boots are a little different from hiking boots as it gives you a steel toe and shank to help with shifting the motorcycle as well as protecting your feet against impact with the road in the event of a crash. 

Before you hop on your motorcycle and go riding around you need to make sure you give yourself the maximum protection. And while many riders don’t ride with all the safety equipment they should at the bare minimum ride with a helmet as that is the one device that can save your life.