Motorcycle Storage

Storing your beloved motorcycle is a serious matter if you are a bike owner. If you do not have a garage to store your bike in then you must find another storage option that allows you to keep your bike protected from theft, weather elements, and other damage factors. Not only do you have to find a secure storage facility or purchase a motorcycle shed that is able to be locked you also have to factor in the cost associated with any of these options. 

Vehicle Insurance Companies prefer personal garage storage when it comes to insuring your motorcycle.

Why? Because storing your bike in your personal garage is not only the most convenient and cost-friendly storage option it is also the safest and most secure if your garage door is in good repair and any other entrance has a quality lock installed. 

Prepping You Garage & Motorcycle For Garage Storage

Before you are able to store your bike in your garage it is advised that you take the steps needed to prepare not only your garage for bike storage but also your motorcycle to be stored.  Phoenix garage door experts suggest focusing on these areas when it comes to your garage.

Flooring- It is important to make sure that the flooring in your garage is maintained to the best of your ability. By adding an epoxy layer to your garage flooring you are helping to protect the floor from any oil or other fluids that come with any vehicle whether a motorcycle, car or truck. You are also helping to make sure that the floor is clean and in good repair so that the tires of your bike are also taken care of.

The Walls- While your garage space is a great storage space for your actual motorcycle it is also a great place to store your riding gear and accessories. Not only is all of your riding gear in one place it also adds to creating a riders domain. By installing a slat wall, cabinets or shelving you are able to store all of your bike gear including jackets, helmets, boots, chaps, etc.

Insulation- Having quality insulation installed in your garage is also a great idea. It not only helps to keep your garage storage space warmer during the cold months for you to enjoy, but it also helps to keep your bike warmer which is great for the engine components.

Garage Door- Having a new garage door installed or having simple repairs or maintenance on your existing one will help to ensure that your bike is as safe and secure as can be. Having a quality, properly working garage door will not only increase your garage storage security it will also help to ensure that your bike is protected from any of the outside weather elements.

Before storing your motorcycle for a long period of time, say during the colder winter months make sure that you have done the following first.

  • Remove the battery or connect it to a trickle charger
  • Add Fuel stabilizer to help keep fuel from deteriorating in your tank
  • Invest in a quality, durable dust cover
  • Clean & Properly Dried

While storing your motorcycle in your own garage is the ideal place to store your bike, not everyone has access to a garage on their property or has an existing one. That being said, finding the most cost-friendly and secure storage space is important as well as making sure that your bike is in proper form to be stored.